Invisalign clear aligner Santa Clarita

With advancing technology in the medical field, treatment procedures have become efficient for patients. Smile Care Valencia works towards improving people’s smiles, and our most effective method is the Invisalign clear aligners, Santa Clarita.

We offer a new brand of aligners that are colorless, and they treat general teeth misalignments quicker and more efficiently than the metal braces that the majority of people know. Our clear aligners are for both adults and children, and they have become quite popular today with many people preferring them to the traditional braces that were metallic and shouting for all to see.

Our clinic is also equipped with the latest technology in the dental field, and our services are done with expertise and precision.

How the treatment Works?

On visiting our clinic and the dentist finds you a suitable candidate for Invisalign clear aligners Santa Clarita they will take you through the entire process at the clinic. The dentist first scans your mouth to determine the exact issue affecting your teeth in order to come up with the best solution for you. The dentist will then create a roadmap of the aligners to be made for the treatment highlighting the various healing stages that the teeth will go through.

The aligners are created by 3D printing, and the technology comes up with perfect and precise solutions for the patient. Each aligner is created to fit an exact tooth. This makes it possible to correct the specific problem with each tooth thus achieving perfect alignment and the desired appearance.

Depending on the severity of the case, the period of treatment varies. For common cases, the patient goes through the treatment for as little as three months. In that short period of time, we are able to convert your gloomy face to a perfectly bright smile.

Benefits over metal braces

Metal braces have been the solution for teeth misalignment problems for a long time now. However, they have had a few setbacks that make them unpopular with many people. Invisalign clear aligners have solved most of the issues with metal braces. For one the aligners are colorless which makes the patients comfortable wearing them. One doesn’t feel insecure wearing them as they are barely noticeable to everyone else.

They are also removable, unlike braces which are fitted on the teeth by the dentist. This means that the patient can remove them while eating or when brushing the teeth thus maintaining hygiene. With the technology used in preparing aligners, each aligner is made custom for every patient thus making them solve your unique teeth condition. Besides this, the wear time for Invisalign clear aligners is fairly short when compared to braces. Whereas patients wearing braces have to wear them for up to 2 years, Invisalign aligners will have achieved the same effect in nine to fifteen months.


We offer free consultations for first-time patients. Therefore, you are welcome to share your dental concerns with us.

Our staff is friendly, and they will make you feel at home.

Our facilities have also been designed to give you comfort and a feel of home with television sets in every room to keep you involved during treatment.

Our technology and equipment are also top notch and you are guaranteed of quality service from us.

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