We Can Straighten Your Teeth Without Braces

Traditionally, tooth straightening was synonymous to braces. Nearly everyone who had misaligned teeth thought of braces. Over time, things have changed. Technology in orthodontics has brought in something better and undoubtedly more comfortably.

Today, it is possible for anyone to straighten teeth without braces Los Angeles. Invisalign, as many people refer to it, is a way of correcting teeth misalignment without involving the conventional teeth braces.

As opposed to wire, metal, and brackets that were used in braces, Invisalign presents an opportunity of aligning your teeth using completely removable aligners such as clear and plastic. With the services of highly reliable dentists, you can be certain to have your teeth shifted gradually into place.

How does it work?

Many people who are used to braces might probably be asking; how is it possible to straighten teeth without braces Los Angeles? Well, you are justified in doing so.

Although it isn’t much of a mystery, getting you to understand the details is no crime. Invisalign takes advantage of a 3-D computer imaging technology in depicting the appropriate treatment plan.

The resultant images are then used in designing customized aligners that will move your teeth depending on the dentist’s recommendation. In most cases, you will wear the aligner for two weeks before changing into a more appropriate aligner. Each aligner is specially designed to help move your teeth steadily toward the desired position.

Why would you opt for this?

It might be true that you have used the traditional braces for long. What would make you switch to this new technology that allows you to straighten your teeth without braces? Are there outstanding benefits?

There must be, you can bet your last coin on that. Let’s consider some of them.

• Nearly invisible; unlike the metal braces, it will be nearly impossible for one to realize you are straightening your teeth
• Easily removable; Invisalign gives you an opportunity of eating and drinking all your desires. This also makes it possible to maintain great oral hygiene.
• Comfort at its best; the new technology saves you the worry of irritation caused by wires or metal brackets inside the mouth.
• Convenient; since Invisalign is easy to remove, you will not spend more time at the orthodontist’s clinic trying to get adjustments.
• Seeing is believing; Invisalign makes it possible for one to see how the straightened teeth will look like before having it on.

This ability to monitor and correct the virtual treatment guarantees perfection and ultimate satisfaction.

Embracing technology

With aligners, one can straighten teeth without braces Los Angeles and set worries aside. Depending on your take, you can choose aligners made of medical-grade plastic, clear or strong plastic.

Ideally, they are invisible when worn. If you know how clear tooth-whitening trays look like, then you have a good idea of aligners’ appearance. Once again, technology serves you with an opportunity of doing things differently.

If you have misaligned teeth, the least you can do is embracing this technology even as you remain optimistic.

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