Keep Your Perfect Smile with a Clear Retainer

Taking that journey to an awesome smile is not an easy task, at least for many people. In most cases, it involves regular visits to the orthodontist. It also requires one to maintain impeccable oral hygiene.

After such levels of struggles, one needs to be able to enjoy glorious moments of beautiful smiles. However, that might not be realized if you do not maintain optimal results.

To be able to keep your teeth in perfect shape after Invisalign or brace, most orthodontists recommend retainers. Ideally, retainers are meant to ensure that investments made in straightening your teeth last long enough for you to realize the worth.

The experience becomes even better when one settles on clear retainers Los Angeles. What makes clear retainers different from the rest? Why are they necessary? Let us consider the facts.

Do you need clear retainers?

For a start, retainers are custom-made appliances normally designed to help hold the teeth. In most cases, it comes after an orthodontic procedure such as Invisalign or braces.

Initially, retainers were made of metals. Thanks to technology, nearly everyone clear retainers made of plastic or other materials resembling the original shade of the teeth.

After the removal of braces or shelving of aligners, most people believe that their teeth will forever remain in the desired positions. Of course, that is what everyone hopes for.

However, it is worth appreciating the fact that your teeth are in constant movement. Wearing clear retainers helps to keep the teeth from shifting positions. So, do you need clear retainers after the removal of the braces? The answer is an emphatic YES!

Using Retainers

For someone who has not used clear retainers, Los Angeles, it is prudent that you know how to go about it. While there are general instructions on usage, it is recommended that you have a discussion with your orthodontist on the way forward. This way, you will be able to tackle most of the issues surrounding the usage of these essential elements.

In many cases, you will be advised to have the retainers every day for the first six months after treatment. You only get to remove them when eating or brushing your teeth. On average, it can be 22 hours for each day.

Between 9-12 months after treatment, you can consider usage while you are asleep. Eight hours is recommended in this case. Beyond one year, the need for retainers becomes less and less necessary. Two nights per week will just be okay.

Better Experience

Normally, the clear plastic retainers are put on the upper and lower teeth. You can stay with the right choice of clear retainers Los Angeles for close to two years.

Used correctly, you can be sure of maintaining that beautiful, healthy smile you worked so hard to achieve. Yet again, observing steady oral hygiene is necessary.

Most importantly, you need to stay in constant touch with your orthodontist. Be sure to give updates on any recent developments. With everything well taken care of, you can be certain of enjoying a better experience.

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